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Section III: Central Records

Part 10: The Missionary Papers, 1816-1884, CMS Monthly Paper, 1828-1829, A Quarterly Token for Juvenile Subscribers, 1856-1878 & 1888-1917, The Home Gazette, 1905-1906, and The CMS Gazette, 1907-1934

Part 10 focuses on a cluster of periodicals which cover all regions where CMS was active:

  • The Missionary Papers, 1816-1884, was aimed particularly at CMS members in the UK.  They include accounts by missionaries of their work and experiences abroad.  There is good detail on the life and customs of indigenous people.  This periodical is well illustrated with wonderful line drawings.  In January 1882, its title changed to The Church Missionary Quarterly Paper.
  • CMS Monthly Paper, 1828-1829, comprises interesting news from CMS missions all over the world.  From 1830 it was called The Church Missionary Record.  A complete run of this through to 1875 can be found in Part 15 of Section III.
  • A Quarterly Token for Juvenile Subscribers, 1856-1878 and 1888-1917, was as its title suggests aimed at young people.  It gives vivid descriptions of the work of the missionaries and lives of the people in foreign countries, couched in language suitable for children and young adults.  There are wonderful illustrations depicting native customs, clothes, mission houses and schools.  Finally, there is also good information on the Missionaries’ Children’s Home in Islington.
  • The Home Gazette, 1905-1906, which then became The CMS Gazette: A Magazine for Missionary Workers, 1907-1934, is full of detail on home activities at headquarters as well as a large section called “The Mission Field” which provides news and letters from missions overseas.  This is a very rich resource for the researcher with lots of detailed accounts and useful statistics.
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