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Section III: Central Records
Part 15: The Church Missionary Society Record, 1830-1875, held at the Church Mission Society Library

Here we reproduce a complete run of The Church Missionary Society Record, 1830-1875.  It provides very useful information for researchers wanting to learn more about the early years of CMS work, both at home and abroad.  This periodical is a continuation of

The CMS Monthly Paper (see Section III, Part 10).  It is divided in the following manner:

  • Home Proceedings: This includes material on work in the home districts, biographies, ordinations and news on the departure of missionaries overseas.
  • Foreign Intelligence: This material is subdivided into mission areas and provides news from the field.
  • Recent Intelligence: This provides up-to-date news of missionaries, including deaths, births, furloughs, arrivals and departures. 

Each volume contains an index of names and places and a detailed contents page ensuring easy reference for researchers.

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