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Section III: Central Records

Part 22: Pamphlets

The pamphlets included in this microfilm publication are held in the library at the Max Warren Centre, Church Mission headquarters in Oxford.

The majority of the volumes concentrate on material for India and Africa but material on other mission areas can also be found. Included are New Zealand, China, Japan, South Africa, Arabia, Persia, Canada, Israel, Madagascar and Jamaica.

The pamphlets were either collected by CMS themselves or donated by members of the church in the nineteenth century and subsequently bound into volumes. Some pamphlets were published by CMS themselves, some by other missionary societies such as London Missionary Society, Baptist Mission Press, the Free Church of Scotland, the Basel Missionary Society and the American Mission Press. Some are reprints of articles published in periodicals such as Calcutta Christian Intelligencer, Calcutta Christian Observer, Oriental Magazine, Railway Register, Friend of India, Colonial Magazine, Fortnightly Review, Contemporary Review, Church Quarterly Review, Churchman.

The range of topics covered in the pamphlets is quite staggering. Those related to India include:

• Missionary obituaries
• Sermons
• Indian Mutiny
• Speeches
• Hindooism
• Reports on missions
• Local tribes
• Islam and Christianity
• Opium Smuggling
• Indian Marriage Act
• Railways in India
• Aborigines Protection Society
• Benares Orphan Institution
• Appeals for new clergy
• CMS Jubilee
• Education
• India Christian Association
• CMS Occasional Papers
• Indian Government Policy towards missions
• Bible education
• Caste
• Indigo Commission
• Salvation Army in India
• India Church Aid Association
• Indian Episcopate
• SPG missions
• CMS Mission statistics and finance
• East India Company and religion
• Native Christian Literature
• Bengal Famine Fund
• Native Pastorate
• CMS Conferences
• Ceylon mission
• Visit of the Prince of Wales to Tinnevelly
• Madras Christian Students’ Prayer Union
• Drink traffic
• St Paul’s Divinity School, Allahabad
• Mission to the Afghans
• Indian languages
• Mission libraries

The pamphlets for Africa are numerous and include much on slavery and the abolition of slavery. There are also are reports and letters from well known figures such as Bishop Samuel Adjai Crowther, the first African to be ordained by the Anglican Church.

Topics included are:

• CMS Sierra Leone Native Pastorate Auxiliary Association
• Slave trade in East Africa
• Expeditions into the interior of West Africa
• Discovery of syllabic writing
• Education
• Bible reading
• Bishop Samuel A Crowther and the Niger Mission
• West African Native Bishopric Fund
• Yoruba language
• CMS mission reports
• Obituaries of CMS missionaries and bishops
• Reports of surgeons on conditions on slaving ships
• Africa Slave Squadron
• Descriptions of native kings

Other subject areas covered in the pamphlets are mission finance; sermons; CMS College in Islington, London; CMS Jubilee,1849; CMS Missionaries’ Children’s Home, Islington.

This collection of pamphlets provides a wide ranging collection of material for the study of missionary activity in the nineteenth century and is an indispensable resource for scholars.

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