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Section IV: Africa Missions

Part 15: Egypt, 1889-1949

REEL 301
Catalogue to the Africa (Group 3) Missions Vol 5 Egypt, pp 7-15
Catalogue to Overseas Papers 1935-1949, pp 72-73

G 3 E O: Original Papers, 1923-1924
1923. Highlights include letters re health of missionaries; minutes of the Egypt Women’s Conference; letters re the CMS policy in Cairo; report re strained feelings between workers; discussions on the retirement of missionaries and furloughs; report of the CMS hospital in Omdurman; report of the Egypt Mission Property Trust.

1924. Women’s Conference and Mission Conference minutes; report on the Old Cairo Mission; details of the cost of a bakery for the employment of Moslem converts; building site costs of a church at Giza; need for more medical men; minutes of the first meeting of the Egypt Mission Standing Committee; reports of the literature department; report of the CMS Girls’ School at Boulac, Cairo; annual letter from M E Rathbone.

REEL 302
G 3 E O: Original Papers, 1925-1926
1925. Report on the CMS educational work; report on the Old Cairo Boys’ School; letter from Bishop Gwynne, Bishop of Egypt and Sudan bewailing the terrible state of the mission; letters of resignation from missionaries; report of the death of Mrs Hall, one of the most longstanding missionaries; details of financial cuts for the mission.

1926. Copy of an extract of the will of Mrs Hall who left CMS £3000 to build a CMS hospital; Conference minutes; staffing at Omdurman hospital; many letters from F O Lasbrey the Secretary of the Mission.

REEL 303
G 3 E O: Original Papers, 1927-1928
1927. Bishop Gwynne’s notes on the situation in regard to Government relations for Missionary Education in the Sudan; Anglican Church Council report of the Literature Department; report of the Infant Welfare work; discussions between CMS and the American missionaries as to which parts of the country they should work in; report on the Girls’ School in N Sudan by Mabel C Warburton; minutes of the Medical Mission.

1928. Letter re staff at Omdurman; report of the illness of Canon Gairdner and the report of his death a few days later; report on schools.

REEL 304
G 3 E O: Original Papers, 1929-1930
1929. Report on the General Secretary’s visit to Sudan; details and statistics of schools and hospitals; plans for CMS Boys’ School; correspondence regarding Mr Mann, manager of the CMS bookshop in Old Cairo and his estranged wife; appointment of Mr S A Morrison as Secretary of the mission; Miss Pronger’s report of the CMS Girls’ General School at Omdurman with more reports of other schools by the missionaries Miss Jackson, Miss Myer; Dr Churcher’s report on the hospital at Omdurman.

1930. Financial position of the mission; staffing situation at CMS hospitals; photos of Moslem converts; Committee and Conference minutes.

REEL 305
G 3 E O: Original Papers, 1931-1933
1931. History of the magazine Orient and Occident together with the financial situation; letters from Dr Cash re staffing at the Old Cairo hospital; a report about the political and financial situation in Egypt; report on the Boulac Boys’ Club in Cairo; report on the work among the blind by Gindi Effendi Ibrahim, blind evangelist; memo re Dr Payne’s bad treatment of the Egyptian staff at the Old Cairo Medical Mission.

1932. A building work proposal for a site for work among the blind; list of teachers needed; news of the engagement of Miss Hinde and Mr Hinkin.

1933. The balance sheet for the mission; report on the Oriental Churches and Moslem Evangelism; report on social work in Near East Africa; a complaint by a woman convert that undue influence was used on her to embrace Christianity.

REEL 306
G 3 E O: Original Papers, 1934
1934. Minutes of the emergency meeting of the Standing Committee re the possible closure of the CMS hospital at Menouf; need for more staff at Omdurman hospital; description of the Little Girls’ Club at Boulac with a statement of accounts; a pamphlet on Islam history; a memo on the financial status of the Medical Missions at Menouf and Old Cairo.

G 3 E P1: Précis Book, 1890-1901
The Précis Books consist of a typed précis of incoming letters which were dealt with in London. The précis book details from whom the letter was received, date sent and date received, a summary of the contents, matters of business arising from it, resolutions and recommendations of the Committee, how finally disposed of and when answered.

P1. Covering: Biblewomen’s work; hospitals, statistics, native catechists; the Cairo Dispensary; the appointment of evangelists; illness of missionaries; descriptions of starving refugees in Suakin; a sketch of CMS Zerala; arrangements for a CMS orphanage; letters from General Haig describing the political situation.

REEL 307
G 3 E P2: Précis Book, 1901-1912
P2. Covering: details of a proposed school at Khartoum; recommendations re missionary salaries, furloughs, schools, medical missions, language examinations; details of the Women’s Conference; native agents; evangelistic work; accounts; statistics; accommodation.

REEL 308
G 3 E P3: Précis Book, 1912-1926
P3. Covering School policy; missionary allowances; minutes of the Medical Committee; Conference minutes; report on women’s work; Cairo Training Centre; proposed hospital at Omdurman; need for reinforcements; school reports; statistics of the mission; report of the Wad Medani Girls’ School.

REEL 309
G 3 E P4: Précis Book, 1927-1935
P4. Covering the diocesanization of the mission; the Bookshop; mission property trust; missionary education; furloughs; difficulties between the American missions and the CMS in Egypt; the educational policy in Sudan; report on work amongst the blind.

Asia 1935-1949

REEL 310
ASE G 2 E 1: Egypt Mission, 1935-1940
E 1. Minutes of the meeting of the Missions and Government Committee of the Egypt Inter– Mission Council; a note on Egypt and the League of Nations; details of a new law concerning the personal status of non-Muslims; a list of documents regarding religious liberty; resume of an interview between H E the High Commissioner of Egypt and a Delegation from the Egypt Inter–Mission Council concerning religious liberty; the position of Christians in the Egyptian Government Service; notes for new missionaries travelling long sea-journeys; government regulations affecting missionary work: details of a bill to ban missionary propaganda; details on the serious position of the Orient and Occident; memo on the religious situation; description of a rural visit.

REEL 311
ASE G 2 E 1: Egypt Mission, 1941-1949
E 1. Highlights include a survey of European staffing requirements; attendance of Muslim pupils at Christian Teaching; staffing; regarding the control of free education; a report on "Orient and Occident" with sales figures; a description of The League of Arab Nations; minutes of a meeting on Christianity and World Order; minutes re the re-organisation of the medical work; letter from Dr Hargreaves at the CMS Hospital in Gaza describing bombing by the Jews and the treatment of refugees; a pamphlet called Pioneering in a Cairo Slum - an account of the CMS work amongst women and children in Boulac with photos.

REEL 312
ASE G 2 E 2: Papers of the Episcopal Church of Egypt, 1938-1949
E 2. Minutes of the Standing Committee of the Egypt Mission covering education, literature, salaries, medical work, evangelical work and finance; minutes of the Committee of Liaison between the Communities.

REEL 313
ASE G 2 E d1: Diocese of Egypt, 1937-1947
E d1. Salary of the Bishop; grants and allowances to the Bishop.

ASE G 2 E e1: Education: Cairo Literature Centre, 1936, 1938, 1942, 1944
E e1. Annual Report of the SPCK; report on the Orient and Occident; the accounts of the Book Shop depot; staffing; report of the office of the Central Literature Committee for Muslims.

ASE G 2 E e2: Education: Old Cairo Boys’ School, 1935-1939, 1945-1949
E e2. CMS magazine in Arabic; the future of the school; staffing and recruitment.

ASE G 2 E e3: Education: Old Cairo Girls’ School, 1934-1939, 1944-1945
E e3. Building a new classroom; staffing.

ASE G 2 E g1: General: Ashmoun, 1935-1936
E g1. Purchase of land.

ASE G 2 E g2: General: Cairo, 1935-1936, 1938-1940, 1944, 1947, 1949
E g2. New building at Boulac; the Boulac annual letter; report on the work among the blind and on the Boulac Welfare Centre.

ASE G 2 E g3: General: Old Cairo, 1932, 1934-1936, 1938, 1945-1946
E g3. Missionaries’ allowances; plans for a memorial church.

ASE G 2 E g4: General: Ghamreen: Rural Unit, 1945-1947
E g4. Report on the Rural Unit.

REEL 314
ASE G 2 E g5: General: Menouf, 1935-1936, 1939, 1941-1947
E g5. Sale of former Menouf Church; report of the CMS Girls’ School; proposed developments of the Boys’ School.

ASE G 2 E g6: General: Shubra Zanga, 1935-1936, 1938-1939, 1942, 1946-1947
E g6. Sale of property; concerning the closing of the work in the mission and opening of a new centre.

ASE G 2 E m1: Medical:Old Cairo medical mission, 1935-1949
E m1. Staffing and recruitment; increases in salary; concerning the re-building of the hospital; appointment of a Medical Commission; report on the mission; the finances of the mission.

ASE G 2 E m2: Medical: Menouf medical mission, 1935-1942, 1944-1945, 1947
E m2. Staffing and recruitment; new buildings; finances.

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