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Section IV: Africa Missions
Part 15: Egypt, 1889-1949

This Part continues our coverage of the papers of the Egypt Mission and comprises:

  • Original Papers, 1923-1934.
  • Précis Books, 1890-1935.
  • General, Diocesan, Education and Medical papers for 1935-1949.
  • There is a lot of material on the history of the magazine Orient and Occident, the Old Cairo Hospital, the importance of education and frequent pleas for more staff.
  • Medical work at Menouf, Omdurman and in Cairo is well covered.
  • Education papers include documents on the Cairo Literature Centre, the Book Shop Depot, the Central Literature Committee for Muslims, the Old Cairo Boys’ School, the Old Cairo Girls’ School, staff requirements and the building of new classrooms.
  • There is also material on the Boulac Welfare Centre, the CMS Girls’ School at Boulac and the Ghamreen Rural Unit.

The Original Papers contain a wide variety of documents from missionaries’ letters and journals, minutes of the Egypt Women’s Conference, deliberations of Bishop Gwynne, reports on women’s education and infant welfare work, to the work of native agents and a report on the Oriental Churches and Muslim Evangelism.

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