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Section IV: Africa Missions
Part 17: Kenya, 1880-1934

These papers focus on the Kenya Mission for 1880-1934.  There are:

  • Letter Books, 1883-1934.
  • Original Papers, 1880-1900.

Frere Town and Rabai developed during this period as the two main centres of the Kenya Mission, but there are also lots of papers on other initiatives and the role of missionaries in engaging with political and social problems.

  • There are letters and papers on the work of Rev H K Binns and Rev W S Price (Secretaries of the Mission).
  • There are many accounts of journeys made by missionaries, the problems of slave traffic, negotiations with different native rulers and descriptions of the indigenous populations.
  • Descriptions of life and work in Buganda by Rev G K Baskerville, sketch maps of the Mombassa and Frere Town missions, and the journals of Miss Ackerman and Miss Furley provide detailed insights for researchers.
  • There are also Committee Minutes and papers of inter-mission conferences and native conferences.
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