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Section IV: Africa Missions

Part 22: Uganda, 1898-1934

This completes the publication of the Uganda Mission papers up to 1934. It concludes the Original Papers from 1910-1934, the earlier years having been published in Part 20 and it also includes the Precis Books, 1898-1935.

The Original Papers, 1910-1934 consist of incoming papers sent by the missionaries and mission secretary to headquarters in London. They include letters, some Annual Letters, reports and minutes and give a good overview of the work in the mission, the experiences of the missionaries and the local customs.

Letters: These cover all manner of topics and were sent by the mission secretaries - R H Walker, E Millar, F Rowling and H Boulton Ladbury (who was also Secretary of the Native Anglican Church of Uganda) and the Bishops of Uganda - R Tucker and later J J Willis. Letters were also received from the missionaries, doctors, nurses and native evangelists. Included also are letters from Dr A R Cook of the Toro Medical Hospital, A B Lloyd, Rev H W Weatherhead, C Hattersley, G W Baskerville (the Archdeacon of Uganda), A B Fisher, H Bowers, W E Owen, J Britton, G H Casson, J Owrid, A L Kitching, S R Skeens, E N Cook and from Miss Annie M Matthew at the Indian hospital describing operations on the King and Queen of Ankole. Letters from other missionaries include those from Miss E M Furley describing women's work, J A Burden, L Sharp, A C Stanley Smith re work in Rwanda, Miss Alfreda L Allen, Miss Gertrude E Bird, Mrs Beatrice E Dillistone, L E Sharp, W B Gill, Rev H E Guillebaud, W Holden, E S Daniell, E L Langston, W Holden, H F Wright, Miss Edith M E Baring Gould, Rev H D Ledbury re shortage of staff, Rev E A Bawtree, A Williams (acting General Secretary), Stephen H W Wright and E L Pilgrim. Letters from African Christians complain about the setting up of a cross in the church at Namirembe.

Reports: The reports are extremely varied, ranging from reports on schools and hospitals and annual reports on the mission to a report on the investiture of King D D Daudi Chwa II. Included are reports on: King's School at Budo, forced labour, the Uganda Bible Committee and the Uganda Bible Conference, the CMS Mengo Hospital, the CMS Hospital at Toro including the 10th Annual Report of the Hospital by Dr Ashton Bond and other doctors with photographs of the patients, the Normal School at Namirembe, work in the Hoima and Bugoma districts by Rev A B Fisher, the examiners of the Uganda Language Exam, the Toro Medical Hospital with photographs of Dr Cook and the nurses, the first report of the Busoga Balangira School, the investiture of King D D Daudi Chwa II on 7 November 1914, the Toro Medical Mission, the work in the mission for1916 by Archdeacon G K Baskerville and Dr A R Cook, Industrial Training and Land Development, the Educational Sub-Committee, the Lady Coryndin Maternity Training School, the Bishop Tucker Memorial College, a special meeting to discuss opening up work in Rwanda, on education in Uganda by Rev Garfield H Williams, report on the mission at Mboga, on the death of Sir Apolo Kagwa, the Katikoro of Uganda by H Boulton Ladbury, on the future of the Maternity Training School by Dr A R Cook, on the plans for the future of the Bishop Tucker Memorial College at Mukono, on educational work in the African missions and on the Uganda Industrial Mission.

Annual Letters: Annual Letters for the period, 1910-1913 describe the work and experiences of missionaries, nurses, doctors and teachers such as Dr J H Cook, Rev H T Wright, Miss J McNamara, Rev E Millar, Miss A K Attlee, Miss M S Thomset, Miss L M Bingham, Rev W E Owen, Rev G K Baskerville, Miss J M Flint, Miss E C Pike, Rev R H Leakey, Rev E S Daniell, Miss E M Piffin, Rev H W Tegart, Miss E L Pilgrim, Rev J E Hannington, Dr A R Cook, Dr D Ashton Bond, Miss I Ferguson, Miss A M Morris, Rev W Bowen, Rev J Britten, Miss L O Walton, Rev J S Herbert, Miss J E Chadwick, Rev A L Kitching, Archdeacon T R Buckley, Rev A B Fisher, Miss A M Matthew, H G Ollistone, Mr C W Hattersley, Rev H W Weatherhead, Miss M A Taylor, Rev S R Skeens, J B Fletcher, F H White, Rev H B Lewin, Miss M J Baker, Mr W S Syson, Miss J Ferguson, Miss M Brown, Miss H L Wright, Rev H B Ladbury, Mrs A B Fisher, Rev A E Playdell, H G Dillistone, Miss L M Bingham and Rev G Casson.

Minutes: Included are minutes of: the Probation Committee, the Missionary Committee, the Women's Conference, the Ladies Missionary Committee, the Luganda Translation Committee, the Board of Education, the Native Womens' Central Conference, the Medical Sub-Committee, the Kavirondo Local Missionary Committee, the first meeting of the Eastern Province Local Missionary Committee, the Probation Board, the Synod of the Diocese of Uganda, the Medical Sub-Conference, the proceedings of Medical Boards, the Retirement Committee, the Standing Committee, the Rwanda Medical Mission Auxillary, the Rwanda Sub-Conference, the Literature Committee and the Medical Mission.

Miscellaneous: Included are issues of "Uganda Notes", a regular mission newsletter with up to date information on all the developments in the mission. Pamphlets include those on the training of teachers, on "The Policy of the Uganda Mission" and on the Jubilee of the CMS in Uganda.

Other papers included are: a proposal of the Africa Inland Mission to commence work among the Azandi Tribes, a memo concerning the locations and duties of the missionaries in Uganda, notes on the Land Development Scheme for the Uganda Church, details of a scheme for an East Central African Province, thoughts of Rev G T Manley on Industrial Training, a memo on the increase in drunkenness in the local people, a list of new personnel urgently needed for the mission, memo on the proposed Federation of the British East African Dependencies by his Highness the Kabaka of Buganaa, memos re the training of elementary vernacular schoolmasters and government grants, a printed newsletter of the Native Anglican Church of Uganda, memos on the need for evangelical work among the Indians in Nepal by Dr Alma Downes-Shaw, the teaching of Swahili in elementary schools by Henry Streicher, a memo on a scheme for Girls' Education, on the Mboga Mission and the Mengo Hospital, discussions on the retention of Mboga and suggestions for Agricultural Instruction in Busoga.

News paper cuttings are also to be found describing the visit of the Prince of Wales and the funeral of Sir Apolo Kgwa, Katikiro of Uganda. Photographs of the Bishop Tucker Memorial College and the staff of the Toro Medical College are also included.

Financial papers include: estimates for the Uganda Mission for 1926, missionary statistics re workers and congregations, expenses of the missionary schools and details on the financial state of the Native Anglican Church.

Precis Books, 1898-1935

The Precis Books contain printed precis of all papers received at headquarters from the mission. Each precis gives the date, writer, date received, summary of contents, proposals for committee action to be taken and/or the secretary's remarks. There are sometimes also additional printed papers inserted within the volumes including: a memo from the Secretaries on the proposed constitution of the Church of Buganda, a report of a conference of CMS European missionaries on the subject of Church Organisation in Uganda, a memo on the proposed Uganda Development Company, a report on the Uganda Industrial Mission, the constitution and report on the maternity training school, a summary of a committee discussion, a memo on administrative development in the Rwanda Mission, the constitution of the Rwanda Mission and a memo on government grants.

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