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Section IV: Africa Missions

Part 25: Africa General, 1935-1949

REEL 506

Catalogue of the papers of the Overseas Division, 1935-1949 pp 9-15

Africa and Asia General, 1935-1949

AF/AS g 1 Medical regulations, restrictions, precautions 1935-1944
Memos of the Women’s Health Advisory Groups in China, Africa and India; report on ways to increase the happiness and effectiveness of women missionaries in China; functions of medical group advisers; report of the Medical Committee of Sudan regarding women’s health in Africa; minutes of a meeting of the Committee on Health of Women in the Tropics; recommendations following a medical survey on health breakdowns in recruits under 26 years old; a survey of the health of missionaries in the field, 1925-1939; information on inoculations and annual medical examinations for missionaries.

REEL 507

AF/AS g 2 Missions and government; missionaries and government workers, officials etc 1938-1949
Minutes of a meeting of Christian Education at Home and Overseas.

AF/AS g 3 Health of missionaries 1933, 1940-1942, 1945-1946, 1949
Report of the Women’s Health Advisory Group with information on living conditions in India, China and Africa; recommendations of the Medical Survey Report of the CMS Commission, 1945.

Africa General, 1935-1949

AF g AC 2/1 Correspondence, memoranda
CMS President 1944-1949

AF g AC 2/2 Correspondence, memoranda
General Secretary 1946-1949

AF g AD 1 Tour of Africa by Rev H D Hooper 1937

AF g AD 2 Tour of America 1947

AF g AG 1 Africa Bishops’ Conference 1948

REEL 508

AF g AM 1/1 Missionaries, bursars etc
CMS rules and regulations
General correspondence 1935-1939,

AF g AM 2 Mission administration 1936, 1939, 1941-1942, 1947

Information on staff, laws and regulations of the African Anglican Church in the diocese of Mombasa.

AF g AM 3 Missionary Allowances 1949

AF g AM 4 Mission furniture 1949
Lists of furniture needed for the missions.

AF g AM 5 Mission cars 1935-1936, 1938-1939, 1944
Information regarding petrol, insurance etc.

AF g AM 6 Leave and passage regulations 1936-1939,

AF g AM 7 Furloughs, holidays etc 1937-1943
Minutes of meetings of furlough advisory groups; memos re the training of missionaries and the budgets for colleges such as the Mens’ Missionary College; minutes of a meeting of the joint conference of the British Missionary Societies and the British Social Hygiene Council.

AF g AM 9 Language examinations, rules, boards 1936-1938

AF g AM 10/1 Recruiting General correspondence, Including a list of recruits, 1928-1942 1941-1945
List of recruits needed; lists of CMS schools and colleges in Africa; statistics on the number of men and women offering service; memo on the rapid growth of the Christian Churches; report on the training of native clergy; pamphlet on the immediate and post war needs of the Church overseas.

REEL 509

AF g AM 10/2 Recruiting
Recruits and quota 1935-1944
Memo,1944 on the desperate need for staff owing to retirements, deaths and WW II; memo on the type of recruits needed – educational, medical and evangelical.

AF g AM 10/3 Recruiting
Educational recruitment 1936-1939, 1942-1944
Memo on the training of educational missionaries and on salaries; notes on the growth of interest of Africans in colonial policy and Nationalism; pamphlet on the Institute of Christian Education at Home and Overseas together with minutes of their meetings.

AF g AM 12 Potential candidates 1946-1949
Letters from potential candidates and letters of recommendation.

REEL 510

AF g AM 13 Missionary associates and attached staff 1946-1948
Note regarding the method of recruitment of missionary associates for self-governing schools in Uganda; details on pensions for missionary associates;

minutes of meetings of the Recruiting Committee; notes,1947 regarding the crisis of the Christian Church in the Sudan; correspondence from the Secretary in London, Rev H D Hooper; note,1946 on the educational commitments of the Yoruba mission.

AF g AM 14/1 Bursars and nationals visiting England
General correspondence 1935-1939
Grants for missionary visits to the USA; minutes of a meeting to consider the formation of a West African Students Loan Fund.

REEL 511

AF g AM 14/1 Bursars and nationals visiting England
General correspondence 1939-1949
Grants for missionary visits.

REEL 512

AF g AM 15 Correspondence courses for African students 1934-1938

AF g AP 1 War measures and times of emergency 1939-1944,
Much correspondence regarding the call up of missionaries to military service.

REEL 513

AF g AP 2 Church Union schemes 1927, 1932, 1935-1936, 1940
Notes on the beginnings of a movement for more cooperation between different missions in Kenya and Nigeria with details of the formation of a committee for this purpose; pamphlets with information on a conference held in Nairobi in 1932, and minutes of Committees for Church Union in East Africa and South Eastern Nigeria in 1935.

AF g AP 4 Reappraisal of CMS overseas work 1945
Pamphlet on the analysis of the situation facing CMS in 1944 with statistics.

AF g AP 5 Co-operation between the Government and missions 1926-1947
Memo entitled “Should Missions Carry on Educational Work in Africa?”; a review, 1942 of cooperation with the government regarding medical work by Rev H D Hooper, Secretary in London; a memo titled “Missionary education in Kenya and Uganda. A Study of Co-operation” by J W C Dougall.

REEL 514

AF g AP 6 Groups on Empire and colonial postwar policies 1940-1946
Notes on the education and future development of Africa written by academics at the Anthropological Museum at the University of Aberdeen, the Fabian Colonial Bureau, the Council of the League of Nations and the Overseas League with statistics; decisions on CMS policies regarding the missions after WW II.

AF g APc 1 1932 Commission: replies re self-support 1935-1936
A summary of replies from the missions to a questionnaire after the CMS Commission’s Report of 1932 entitled “Looking Forward”.

REEL 515

AF g AZ 1 Circulars 1935-1944
Circulars regarding: furloughs, staffing of missions in war time, war service, mission finance in war time, education in the missions.

REEL 516

AF g AZ 1 Circulars 1945-1949

AF g AZ 2 Circulars from the Africa Secretary 1935-1947
A very wide range of circulars ranging from a memo on the constitution of Churches in the mission field to a letter requesting data from educational institutions. A full list of the circulars is given at the beginning of the section.

AF g AZ 3 Circulars from the General, Home, Editorial and Finance Secretaries 1926-1949
A very wide range of circulars ranging from a memo on clergy pensions to a letter to mission secretaries re missionaries’ home allowance. A full list of the circulars is given at the beginning of the section.

REEL 517

AF g AZ 4 Mission administration in wartime 1939

AF g AZ 5 Foreign Department organisation 1940-1944

AF g AZ 7 Statistics on recruits’ resignations and retirements 1926-1949

AF g C 1/1 Africa Committee Minutes 1943-1949
Minutes regarding missionaries’ retirements and furloughs; news on mission areas such as Sierra Leone and the College at Fourah Bay and mission policy and staffing in the Niger mission; reports of a Consultative Committee on African education.

AF g C 1/2 Africa Committee Précis and papers 1941-1944
Memo, 1941 re missionaries to Muslims; report of the Sudan African Education Committee of Uganda; booklet on the colour bar in the copper belt of Northern Rhodesia in 1940; memo on polygamy by E Carey Francis, principal of the Alliance High School, Kenya, 1942; memos regarding cooperation with governments in Africa; memo, 1942 by Bishop Horstead on the future of the Christian Church in Sierra Leone with statistics; survey of staffing requirements in Sudan and Egypt; reports on the Church and primary and higher education in Africa; reflections on the policy of CMS missions in Africa; report on the Oji River Leper Settlement in Nigeria.

REEL 518

AF g C 1/2 Africa Committee Précis and papers 1945-1949

Minutes of a meeting to discuss the Nigerian Leprosy Service; booklet entitled “ A Proposal to establish a Rural Training and Demonstration Centre in Nigeria” by
Rev K H Prior; notes on CMS medical work in West Africa; summary of accounts for the Kenya mission; memo re policy for the Fourah Bay College; report on the state of the Nigeria mission in 1948; report on a tour of Ruanda-Urundi by Rev
B R Isaac, 1948; report on the Northern Nigeria mission by Miss M I Potts; minutes of the Africa Committee.

AF g C 1/3 Africa Committee Correspondence and memoranda 1938-1949
Letters from Rev H D Hooper, Secretary in London and an account of a visit to missions in West Africa by Miss Price, 1948 which includes details on the tensions between black and white, the sensitivity of Africans to the appointments of white people in high places in society and a fear that Africans would be overlooked. Included also are reports on education, women’s work and medical work. Also included in this section are letters regarding the appointment of the General Secretary for East Africa missions; a report on the Palestine Native Church Council; minutes of the Africa Committee concerning among other topics expenditure and missionary news.

AF g C 2/1 Consultative Committee on African Education
Minutes, correspondence and papers 1941-1943
Report on the Church and on primary education in Africa by Mr G E I Cockin, Supervisor of Schools in the Niger Mission, 1943; conclusions of the Conference of Educational Missionaries at CMS House to review educational policy in West Africa; memo regarding the future of higher education in West Africa and educational work in Northern Sudan.

REEL 519

AF g C 2/1 Consultative Committee on African Education
Minutes, correspondence and papers 1944-1950
Memo from the Conference of Missionary Societies in Great Britain and Ireland to the Commission to advise on the further development of Higher Education in West Africa; notes on girls’ education in West Africa; memo on the future of Fourah Bay College; constitution details of self governing schools such as the CMS Girls’ Secondary School, Lagos and the Kudeti United Training Centre in Ibadan; report on higher education in West Africa; report on the strengthening of CMS work in Southern Sudan with a memo on a ten year scheme to develop Christian education.

AF g C 2/2 Consultative Committee on African Education
Minutes and papers 1938-1942
Report on educational work in Northern and Southern Sudan; memo on recruits needed for Africa; report on the development of education in Uganda and Tanganyika; notes on educational co-operation in Uganda.

REEL 520

AF g C 2/3 Consultative Committee on African Education
Correspondence, drafts and memoranda 1939-1943, 1945
Memo on education in Tanganyika, Uganda and Kenya and on diocesan schools.

AF g C 3 Executive Committee:
Correspondence 1946, 1949

REEL 521

AF g E 1/1 CMS Overseas Bookshops Managing Committee
Minutes, correspondence and papers 1947-1949

AF g E 1/2 CMS Overseas Bookshops Managing Committee
Documents re an enquiry 1944

AF g E 1/3 CMS Overseas Bookshops Managing Committee
Mr Martin Parr’s report on bookshops in Nigeria 1945

REEL 522

AF g E 1/4 CMS Overseas Bookshops Managing Committee
Correspondence with members of the Executive Committee on the Overseas Bookshop Commission’s Report 1947

AF g E 1/5 CMS Overseas Bookshops Managing Committee
Correspondence with applicants for secretaryship to the Bookshop organisation 1947-1948

AF g E 1/6 CMS Overseas Bookshops Managing Committee
Bookshop constitution 1949

AF g E 1/7 CMS Overseas Bookshops Managing Committee
Miscellaneous correspondence and papers 1946-1947

AF g E 2 Women’s Education in Africa 1937-1941
A report on women’s education as a way of accelerating social progress in the Colonial Empire; statistics on trained women educationists in CMS missions in British Tropical Africa; report on women’s education in Southern Sudan; reports on individual schools with statistics; report of a conference of women missionaries on the education of African girls in Kenya.

AF g E 3 Mission education Pools 1937
Discussions on how the pool of money for education should be spent.

REEL 523

AF g E 4 Education: memoranda and papers 1935-1947
Memo on the location of new recruits; report on educational work in the Nuba mountains in Northern Sudan; the education of women in Southern Sudan; proposed educational developments in Transjordan; considerations governing the employment of educational missionaries; suggestions for agricultural instruction in Busoga.

AF g F 1 Estimates, correspondence and papers 1935-1946
Proposals for the reduction of expenditure in Group III missions. 1939; list of cuts in expenditure to be enforced in the missions in 1937; report of the Estimates Committee, 1939-1940l

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