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Section IV: Africa Missions

Part 26: Africa General, 1935-1949

Section IV Part 26 continues the papers for Africa General,1935-1949. The contents of these papers will provide researchers with much detail on the problems facing the Society at this period in its history:

  • The increased Africanization of the Society’s medical and educational work
  • Increased sentiments of nationalism in Africa
  • The education of women
  • The expansion of higher education
  • The post-war crisis in funding and its consequences

This part has good core elements of material devoted to Uganda, Ruanda, Nyanza, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

Africa General, 1935-1949

Taken together with the papers in Part 25, the discussion regarding the future direction of mission education in Africa can be followed and the gradual progress towards self-government of the mission schools is well illustrated.

Items on education include:

  • report of the Educational Realignment Committee, 1947
  • report on the Commission on the Devolution of Work to Africans, 1947
  • correspondence regarding the inadequacy of grants and the need for further expansion of educational facilities in Nigeria
  • need for Africans teachers
  • lists of training institutions
  • recruitment of staff for mission schools in Nigeria
  • minutes of the Advisory Committee on Education in the Colonies
  • notes on a scheme for the development of African education
  • proposals for an inter-diocesan theological college

The finances of the Society are covered in detail and include:

  • notes on possible mission economies
  • statistical tables showing estimated and actual expenditure of missions
  • distribution of the East Africa Famine Relief Fund
  • shortage of money in the Africa Contingencies Fund

A large part of this section is devoted to correspondence with and papers of organisations with which CMS was associated. These include:

  • Anti-Slavery and Aborigines Protection Society – pamphlets and periodicals
  • The Boys’ Brigade – progress reports
  • British Council – correspondence regarding teaching in Africa
  • Anglo-African Committee – minutes of meetings of the West African Students’ Union (WASU), London, notes on the welfare of colonial people in the UK
  • Conference of British Missionary Societies – the workings of Christian Councils and reports on their progress
  • Margaret Wrong Memorial Fund Committee
  • Colonial Office – the social welfare work carried out by the Society in the colonies
  • Hausa Band Council (an organisation which raised money for work in Northern Nigeria)
  • Institute of Rural Life at Home and Overseas – reports by the Colonial Office on the problems of rural welfare in the colonies
  • International Committee on Christian Literature for Africa – much on the publication of Christian literature in Africa with suggestions for the advance of literacy; reports on visits to schools and colleges in Africa by the Secretary, Miss Margaret Wrong
  • International Missionary Council
  • International Institute of African Languages and Cultures
  • League of Coloured Peoples – newsletters and reports
  • League of Nations Union
  • Sudan United Mission
  • Temperance Council of the Christian Churches - articles on the problem of alcohol

Other topics covered in the general papers are:

  • former German missions and German colonial claims
  • race relations in East Africa and Rhodesia
  • female circumcision - in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan and an account by a medical missionary of a circumcision of a group of female Kikuyu girls
  • marriage and polygamy

Africa East, 1935-1949

This section contains material specific to the area and includes information on:

  • tours to the area including one by H D Hooper to East Africa, Sudan, Egypt and Palestine, 1937-1938 and another by the new Regional Secretary in Africa, Colonel G G Grimshaw
  • the Educational Adviser in East Africa with much detail on the educational policy of missions in relation to the government
  • higher education in East Africa - girls’ secondary education and teacher training
  • conferences on educational development
  • the reorganisation of boys’ schools
  • medical representatives in East Africa

Africa West, 1935-1949

Material specific to the area includes detail on:

  • tours of the area including one by Dr Violet Grubb to Nigeria and Sierra Leone
  • the Educational Adviser
  • higher education in West Africa including discussions on the future of Fourah Bay College
  • proposed changes in the Nigerian educational system, the training and supervision of teachers in Sierra Leone and schools in Yoruba
  • the theological faculty at New West African University
  • West Africa Native Bishoprics Fund
  • West African Students’ Union – newsletters and minutes of meetings

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