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Section IV: Africa Missions

Part 26: Africa General, 1935-1949

Section IV Part 26 continues our coverage of the CMS papers for Africa General, 1935-1949. The material will provide researchers with good detail on the problems and challenges facing CMS at this period in its history:

  • The increased Africanization of the Society’s medical and educational work
  • The growth of nationalist sentiment in Africa
  • The education of women
  • The expansion of higher education
  • The post-war crisis in CMS funding and its consequences.

This part has good core elements of material devoted to Uganda, Ruanda, Nyanza, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

Taken together with the papers in Part 25, the discussion regarding the future direction of mission education in Africa can be followed and the gradual progress towards self-government of the mission schools is well illustrated. Anyone researching CMS policy decisions in 20th century Africa will want to see these documents.

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