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The Index. A Weekly Journal of Politics, Literature and News 
devoted to the exposition of the mutual interests, political and commercial, 
of Great Britain and the Confederate States of America, 1862-1865

With much material on the American Civil War and trade between the ports of Britain and America, this journal contains the "Latest Direct Intelligence from the South, Private Letters from the Southern and Northern States, Foreign Correspondence, information on the Cotton and Dry Goods Market and other commercial reports". Examples include Messages of President Davis on Negotiations with the Washington Government, Cotton Prospects and numerous letters from Liverpool and Manchester, 'Our Confederate Flag on the Sea' (the Sumter) and pieces from Foreign Correspondents in Berlin, Brussels, Havana, Madrid, Paris and many major commercial centres. There are leaders on American Indians, the Negroes, the Abolition Edict, 'Continued insults to the British Flag', the Seizure of Bermuda, the Cotton Famine, Cotton Substitutes, Cotton Supply and India, the cause of the Disruption of the Union, Finances - Federal and Confederate, Factory Operatives, Factory Folk and the Tobacco Market. Gladstone’s Views on America, the Louisiana Purchase, Mexican Interventions, Poor Laws, Southern Securities, Slave Power, the Slave Trade, the Wheat Trade, Prices current, Statistics, Southern Railroads, Stonewall Jackson and the various Military Campaigns are also well documented.

The first issue describes the opening of the International Exhibition at Kensington, the Lancashire Cotton Famine and Letters include one from General G T Beauregard to the planters of the Mississippi Valley.

The Index is a valuable source for US History, Economic History and Anglo-American trade at the time of the Civil War.

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