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Series One: USA - Politics & Diplomacy, 1960-1974
(Public Record Office Classes FO 371 and FCO 7: American Department - United States)
Part 1: The John F Kennedy Years, 1960-1963
(PRO Class FO 371/148576-148649, 156435-156516, 162578-162648 & 168405-168491)

These records from the American Department at the British Foreign Office provide full coverage of all aspects of the Kennedy administration. They offer assessments from British Embassy staff in Washington DC and at the United Nations as well as reactions from colleagues in London and throughout the Commonwealth. As such they make an excellent complement to the US State Department files.

  • There are Annual review files describing overall trends and activities in the United States.
  • There are assessments of the political situation in the United States.
  • Many documents cover political relations between the United States and other nations around the world including Britain and the Commonwealth, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Brazil, Pakistan, Latin America and the Soviet Union.
  • There are reports on American commercial relations with other nations around the world.
  • Full documentation of visits to the US and to the UK of important political figures and diplomats.
  • Special subject files on topics of the day (everything from Agriculture to Broadcasting, and from Race Riots to US Aid and the Mutual Security Programme, the Middle East, Cuba, Panama, Puerto Rico and Vietnam).
"The British archival material included here is extraordinarily revealing and provides a very useful complement to material from the American sources."
Professor Marc Trachtenberg,
Department of Political Science, UCLA

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