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Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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The Journals, 1868-1914, and Correspondence of Katharine Bradley and Edith Cooper from the British Library, London
(Add Mss 46776-46804, 45851-45856 & 46866-46897)

  • Katharine Harris Bradley (1846-1914) and her niece, Edith Emma Cooper (1862-1913), collaborated in writing verse and drama as ‘Michael Field’ - and were “closer married” than many of their heterosexual friends. 
  • They were familiar figures in the art world and were close friends with Berenson and Ruskin.
  • Robert Browning was the first to acclaim their 'genius' in poetry and they were widely published in periodicals.  
  • They also wrote 27 dramas, mainly based on legends and historical figures, many of which explore the relationship between love and death.  

This project brings together all 30 volumes of diary material of ‘Michael Field’, together with 8 bound volumes of correspondence between Michael Field and others, held in the British Library.

These sources explore all of their interests and activities and will be widely used by those exploring: Victorian Literature and Culture; Sexual promiscuity and homosexuality from the 1890s onwards; the Fin de Siecle; the Aesthetic Movement; the Yellow Book and Arts and Crafts.  There is much on Death, Religion, Sex, Art and Literature.

“…a timely publication of an exciting and invaluable resource for all those working on Victorian literature and culture.”
Dr Marion Thain, Department of English, University of Birmingham

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