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From the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas, Austin

"The French King has expressed great inclinations to make the peace ..."    31 March 1668.

In the 17th century, manuscript newsletters - compiled by well-placed pubic servants all over Europe - were the best way for a man of means to keep himself informed.  News of wars, peace, parliamentary affairs, and trade disputes could all have a severe impact on politics, business and travel arrangements.

The Newsletters addressed to Sir Richard Bulstrode and others, 1667-1689, are an outstanding cache of these rare and important bulletins.  There are nearly 1,500 in total, many written by hand in the news-letter offices of Sir Joseph Williamson, Secretary of State. 

They are a crucial source for anyone studying the reigns of Charles II and James II and provide an imporatnt supplement to the State Papers of the period.

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