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from the British Library, London

Part 4: Correspondence with nursing staff and papers relating to St Thomas's Hospital and other subjects

"Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) is still a well known person, recognized as a war heroine and the major founder of the modern profession of nursing. There is an enormous and growing literature on her as scholars in many countries and with diverse interests continue to find her intriguing and even inspiring. The availability of original sources will only foster better research.” 

Lynn McDonald, Consultant Editor
Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Guelph 
Editor of 'The Collected Works of Florence Nightingale'

Based on the British Library’s superb collection of correspondence and literary manuscripts, this exciting new project enables scholars to explore all aspects of the life and works of a Victorian icon. 

Part 4 covers correspondence with key nursing leaders over Nightingale’s whole lifetime, both at St Thomas’ Hospital, where the Nightingale School was based, and in hospitals throughout Britain and indeed in the world. Here we see how Nightingale’s influence spread through the work of women she advised and mentored. Correspondence with William Rathbone, the philanthropist who funded the first workhouse infirmary nursing, and with Agnes Jones, the superintendent of nursing who died on the job at the Liverpool Workhouse Infirmary, is here.

Those researching the history of medicine, nursing, public health and social reform will find her manuscripts of great value.

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